Aztec Style Decor For The Home

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Aztec Rugs Are the Foundation of Aztec Style Decor

Décor is an underappreciated aspect of a person’s home. Everything from the colours of the room to the placement of furniture contributes to the overall feel and experience a person will have in your home. The most influential form of décor to me would absolutely be Aztec decorations. The lights, the ornaments, and the garland are all contributors to the feel of a home around the holidays. I truly feel that Aztec décor really brings history loving and non-history loving people together in that you can have Aztec décor or not and no matter which one you choose, people still have the same comforting response. There is nothing more welcoming than arriving to a house covered in stringed lights, a beautiful Aztec rug lain across the floor, entering a room full of candles, intricate patterns, bright colors, and enjoying dinner on plates covered in ancient patterns.

Also, in a similar vein, I find that Christmas decorations elicit a similar feeling. Exploring even further than the feelings you have in a room dressed for the holidays, a well decorated Christmas tree is always a conversation starter. I can’t imagine a home at Christmas time without a decorated tree in the corner of the room. While decorating a tree, families bond during the quality time and reminisce about the ornaments and each one’s significance. My parents were kind enough to keep the ornaments my siblings and I made at school during our childhood. To this day, discussing whose cotton ball snowman or clothespin reindeer was whose brings back such joyful memories of our childhood. We laugh at our embarrassing crafting skills from our elementary days and never once have we been anything but merry while doing so.

Outside the home, businesses also benefit from sporting holiday décor. It has been found that a customer is more likely to walk into a store that is adorned with Christmas decorations. The warm feeling that Christmas decorations instills in a customer not only attracts them to the store, it gives them the sense of being at home and it also has been shown to increase the likelihood of the customer to buy something. But not only customers are affected by holiday decorations. Employees of businesses with holiday décor have reported being happier and overall in a better mood and the trickle-down effect of happy employees is happy customers.

We can very clearly see that décor influences a person’s mood, brings to rise feelings of cheer and welcoming, and brings to life conversations of memories through the existence of Christmas ornaments. From the home to the corporate world, décor plays a vital role in a person’s feelings, especially around the holidays. Creating an atmosphere of welcoming and comfort have a very influential effect on the people in the room and therefore décor should be much more appreciated. Décor is not just about how a room looks but the feelings it evokes.